Radio Galaksy is a music constellation originally founded by Søren Jensen in 2014.

Based on themes such as outer space, coincidences, time and everyday life, the album “Free Ride” places itself as a concept album that allow things to happen when they do. The album comes out in fall 2016.

All tracks were composed by drummer and producer Søren Jensen in his own musiclab.

Later on, the music was crystallized by the amazing talents of especially Viktor Krauss on the upright bass, Aske Jacoby on the guitar and Christoffer Jespersen on a wide range of keyboards. Guest appearances were made by Jakob Dahn and Sara Broberg on vocals, Lis Wessberg on the trombone, Mikkel Schnettler on percussion and Dennis Flacheberg on guitar. Additional recordings were made by Marcus Toft at Moremax Studios.

This project would never have been possible without the explicit expertise from Thomas Strate at Dusty Goat Studios, who worked as recording engineer, co-arranger, co-producer and technical wizard throughout the making of this album.

Additional mix plus some realdeal mastering was made by Teis Frandsen. And thanks to René Cambony for coming out, squeezing the tracks in the right direction.

Søren also wishes to thank his wife, Camilla Bannebjerre Nielsen, who supported him enormously during the recordings.