Distribution deal landed!


Radio Galaksy just landed a distribution deal with Gateway Music. Essentially it means that the album will be available on all major streaming platforms. Big cheers!


New song on Soundcloud

Please check out the new track “Elephant Swing” from our forthcoming album “Freeride”, which will be released in the fall 2016.

Featuring Viktor Krauss (bass), Aske Jacoby (gui), Christoffer Jespersen (key) and Søren Jensen (dr).

Radio Galaksy receives new funding from KODA

We are happy to announce that Radio Galaksy just received 5.000 danish kroner to complete the publishing and print of cd’s and vinyls of the forthcoming album “Freeride”.

It’s the danish music organization www.koda.dk, who’s behind the support.

We are very happy for the recognition and this really makes a difference for a debut album.




Radio Galaksy debut album “Free Ride” coming out in 2016

Radio Galaksy is primarily instrumental music determined to stick to some simple rules concerning plenty of time and an adventurous mindset.
Debut album titled “Free Ride” is on its way counting six tracks with many outstanding contributions from a wide range of gifted artists.

“Free Ride” will be available on vinyl and download. Please lean back and enjoy.


Viktor Krauss (Bass)

Aske Jacoby (Guitar)

Christoffer Jesprsen (Keyboards)

Søren Jensen (Drums, percussion)

Jakob Dahn (Speak)

Mikkel Schnettler (Percussion)

Sara Broberg (Vocals)

Lis Wessberg (Trombone)

All tracks written by Søren Jensen. The album was mixed by Thomas Strate and Søren Jensen at Dusty Goat Studios. Recorded at Magic Carpet Studios, Dusty Goat Studios, Moremax Studio and various home studios around the globe between 2014-2016.