Vinyls have arrived!

Finally our long awaited vinyls are here! The mailman just dropped off 300 copies of this wonderful product. And very soon this website will offer an ordering button, if you are interested in purchasing it. Also CD’s will be offered here as well as digital download. And we also hope that you’ll join us at […]

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Radio Galaksy Release Party

Dear all followers! We wish to invite you all to the Radio Galaksy Release Party on Tuesday, Nov. 29th at Blågårds Apotek, Blågårds Plads 2, 2200 København N. It is with big pleasure and excitement that I can say the album “Free Ride” will be launched that day. We will play a concert with the songs from the album and there will be […]

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New song on Soundcloud

Please check out the new track “Elephant Swing” from our forthcoming album “Freeride”, which will be released in the fall 2016. Featuring Viktor Krauss (bass), Aske Jacoby (gui), Christoffer Jespersen (key) and Søren Jensen (dr).

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Radio Galaksy debut album “Free Ride” coming out in 2016

Radio Galaksy is primarily instrumental music determined to stick to some simple rules concerning plenty of time and an adventurous mindset. Debut album titled “Free Ride” is on its way counting six tracks with many outstanding contributions from a wide range of gifted artists. “Free Ride” will be available on vinyl and download. Please lean back and […]

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