Working hard in the studio

We were working hard in the studio today recording vocals for the upcoming album.

Stay tuned for more news and music on this page!


A little sonic surprise

Radio Galaksy’s track “The Lottery” is being used for a soundcheck of some unbelievable homemade speakers. David Voigt is interviewing Il Bahnsen, and they are talking about HI FI systems and the technical side of it. We are proud to provide the music that they use for the listening part.

Have a look!

RG, August 2017.

Great review by Eclectic Music Lover, an american music blog.

Finally, Radio Galaksy got a review by an american blog. And it was really good, too!

We are very excited about this.

Please read the review right here:

RG, August 2017


The Lottery: almost 50 plays at Danish Radio’s P8 Jazz channel.

Danish Radio P8 Jazz frequently broadcasts our track “The Lottery”.

And now we are close to 50 plays! Quite an achievement, we have to admit.

Thanks to DR.DK for accepting us on their surface.

Find the link here:


Skærmbillede 2017-05-14 kl. 15.29.23.png

New vinyl distribution deal has landed

Radio Galaksy’s vinyl album “Free Ride” is now being distributed by Rillbar, a danish company dedicated to communicate the best music in town. We are very proud to have joined their collection.

Check them out here:

All the best RG




Radio Galaksy campaign is taking off!

The completion of Radio Galaksy’s debut album has now entered the stage where all mix and mastering will take place.
All recordings are now in the house.
We will be joined by Teis Frandsen, who will contribute with his expertise throughout the final sessions. A deadline will appear as soon as we me meet and start working.
The campaign has now 3 weeks left and we are 60% through with the donations. We are so thankful for that.
Please remember that you can donate as low as 1$ and still support our campaign! Thanks! RG